How to Save Pictures from Google

Few internet users asked that how to save pictures from Google. In this lesson you can know how to save images from Google search engine. First search images as you want to save from Google and save your favorite images from Google into your computer or mobile phone.

1. Open Google website. Open your any web browsing software, type into your address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard.

2. See Google search page. You see Google search page with a search box, Google Search and I’m Felling Lucky buttons. Type as you wants to search into Google search box and click Google Search button.

4. You see few images related your search. Scroll up and down to see more image related your search.

5. Click mouse right button which image you want to save. You see few options below your mouse pointer. Click Save Image As… button to save this image.

3. You see few results about your search. Click Images button to see image related your search.

6. You see a dialog box with Save button. Choose your saved folder from dialog box and click Save button to save this image from Google into your computer hard disk.

7. After that you can open and use this image from your computer saved drive.