How to Send Large Videos through Email

Send Large Videos through Email. Yahoo have free email service. Sometimes you need to send large video through email. In this lesson you can easily know how to send big files through email. Follow few steps and send a video file via email.

1. Login yahoo mail account.

2. Open Yahoo mail inbox. You see all incoming email lists. Click Compose button to write a new email.

how to send a video through email

3. You will Yahoo mail writing page. Fill the all box with required information.

  • Click To box and write your own receivers email address.
  • Click Subject box and write your own email subject.
  • Click below of Subject blank space and type your email massage.
how to send a video via email

4. Click attach icon to attach a video file from your computer.

  • You will see your computer hard drive various. Choose a video file and click Open button to attach this video with your Yahoo email massage.
how do i send a video through email

5. Wait few seconds until completely upload this video file on your email. After upload video then you will see your recent uploaded video name with Remove and Download button.

  • Click Send button to send this email with video from Yahoo mail account.
how to send large videos through email

 Click left sight Sent button to check your recently sending email with large video file.