How to Send Money from Neobux to Payza

Neobux is the most popular and real PTC site. After you earning money or dollar from neobux site, you need to transfer your money to your bank account using payza. In this lesson you can easily know how to send money from neobux to payza account.

1. Open your web browser and type into your web browser. Now press Enter button from your keyboard to open NeoBux site.

2. You see NeoBux page. Click Login button to login your neobux account. This button your see up-right corner into neobux page.

3. Type your username into Username box.

  • Type your password into Password box.
  • Click send green button to login your newbux account.

If you face any problem then follow the NeoBux login tutorials.

4. After login into your neobux account you see your newboux account page with few buttons.

5.  Click your payment button to withdraw money from your newbux account. You don’t see your payment button, until your balance up to $2.

Neobux Balance Page

 6. You see a new page with some payment method button. Click a button which payment system you want withdrew money. I click Payza button.

Select Payza Payment System

7. You see a massage with your Payza email address. Click Yes button for withdraw dollar.

Type Your Payza Email Address

8. Wait hare few minutes. You see a massage like “Your payment has been successfully sent to your Payza account!”

9. Click any neobux button then your see your newbux balance is $0.000.

10. Now log in your Payza account. You see your Payza balance with Recent Transactions, like picture.

See Your Payza Balance