How to Send Pictures in E-mail Attachment

Send pictures in e-mail attachment. Email is easy way to send pictures in e-mail. At first you need to attach pictures on your email after that you can send pictures with your email. Learn how to attach pictures with your email and how to send it.

1. Login your gmail account and open your Gmail mail inbox.

2. Click COMPOSE button to compose a new mail on Gmail.

send pictures in e-mail

3. New email message page will open with few box and Send button.

  • Go Recipients box and write your recipients email address.
  • Go Subject box and write your email subject.
  • Go behind the Subject box and write your email message.
  • Go Attach files icon to attach an image with your email message.
send your pictures in e-mail

4. You will see a new dialog box. Choose an image from your computer which image as you want to send with your email.

  • Click Open button to attach this image with your mail.
how to send a photo as an email attachment

5. After attach this file then you will see your choosing file name with file size.

  • Click Send button to send this email with an image.
send a large group of photos via email

Using this way you can send any image with your email. You also send 2 or more image using this way.