How to Setup an Auto Vacation Responder in Gmail

Auto responder in Gmail. We use Gmail mail account to receive and send email message. Every moment you don’t response with every email. But you can add auto responder in Gmail. Learn how to setup auto responder in Gmail.

1. Sign in yahoo mail and open Gmail mail inbox.

2. Click right sight settings icon and click Settings text.

Automatically reply on vacation

3. You will see Gmail settings page. Scroll down the page and choose Vacation responder on redial button.

  • Click in front of First day date box and select your vacation first day.
auto responder in gmail

4. Click Subject box and type your vacation subject.

  • Click behind of Message blank space and type your vacation.
  • Click to check the “Only send a response to people in my Contacts” redial box if you want.
  • Click Save Changes button to save this settings.
automatic vacation response to a gmail

Using this way you can add auto responder in Gmail mail account.