How to Show 100 Results Per Page on Google Search

You can search anything using Google search engine. Google show 10 search results per page. You can increase it. Learn easy way to show 100 results per page on Google search.

1. Open Google using any internet browser.

  • Click the Settings text and click Search settings. Settings text you will see lower right corner of your Google home page.
How to change Google search settings

2. Google search settings page will open.

  • Go to Google Instant predictions section and click up to “Never show Instant results.” Redial box.
  • Go to the Results per page section, click the redial button and move in front of 100.
  • Scroll down below of Google search settings page and click Save button.
Show 100 results per page on Google search

3. Open Google website and search anything. Then you will see 100 results per page on Google search.