How to sing in to yahoo mail account

Yahoo mail is very easy to use. At first sing up a new yahoo account then use it. In this lesson you can easily know how to sing in to yahoo mail account. Just follow few steps login into yahoo account and use it.

1. Open your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chorme or Opera Meni). Type ( into your address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard.

2. You see yahoo home page. Click Mail icon to sing up yahoo account. This icon you see up-right corner into yahoo home page.

Yahoo mail sing in

3. You see sing in page.

Click Yahoo ID box and type your yahoo email address.

Click Password box and type your yahoo password.

Sing in to yahoo account

4. Type your yahoo email address and password.

I type my email address

I type my password Mntbs12345.

Click Sign In button to sing in into yahoo account.

Type your yahoo mail address and password

5. Wait hare few seconds, after that you see your yahoo account mail inbox with your mail.