How to Unblock an Email Sender on Hotmail

Unblock email Hotmail. Hotmail is a free email message service. You can receive and send email using Hotmail. You can unblock an email sender on Hotmail. After that you will receive email from this users email address. Learn how to unblock email on Hotmail.

1. At first sign in your Hotmail account using your existing email address and password.

2. You see Hotmail email address inbox. Click setting icon and Options button. This button you see up-right corner left your Hotmail account name.

unblock hotmail

 3. You see Hotmail various options. Click Safe and blocked senders text link.

hotmail unblock

4. You see 3 options. Click Blocked senders text.

unblock email hotmail

5. You see blocked senders email list into Blocked senders box. Click to select email address as you want to remove block email sender list.

Click Remove from list button to unblock this email senders in Hotmail.

how to unblock email on hotmail

Now, you don’t see this email address into Blocked senders list and you will receive mail from this email address.