How to Uninstall Adobe CS5 Windows 7

There is much popular software in adobe group. In this lesson you can easily know who to uninstall Adobe CS5 from windows 7. Follow the few instructions and uninstall adobe creative suite 5 windows 7.

1. At first click (Start  > Control  Panel) from your Start bar.

2. You see a new page with some icons and text.

3. Click Programs and Features text link from your mouse pointer to open your installed software list.

4. You see another new page with your currently running software.

5. Select from your mouse pointer of any software as you want to delete. I select Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software. Click Uninstall button for uninstall your selected software.

Select Adobe CS5 Master Collection

6. After you click Uninstall button you see a new dialog box with a Creative Suite 5 Master Collection title and your adobe software list. Tick the check box which item you want to uninstall from this list. I select all from this list.

After that click UNINSTALL button to uninstall this software.

Uninstall Adobe CS5

7. You see your Uninstallation progress. How much time remaining and percentage of your software uninstall.

See Adobe CS5 Uninstallation Progress

8. When you’re complete your Creative Suite 5 Master Collection then you sees a massage with DONE button. Click DONE button to completely uninstall this software.

9. After that see your software list. You don’t see your Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software and you don’t see Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software.