How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player Windows XP

Flash Player is a very important plugin for every internet user to play youtube or other’s website video. But sometimes you need to uninstall adobe flash player plugin. In this lesson you can easily know how to uninstall adobe flash player from windows XP. You can do it using adobe flash player uninstaller or follow few steps and uninstall adobe flash player.

1. Go to your windows XP control panel (Start > Control Panel)

2. Double click Add or Remove button from your control panel icon list.

3. You see your install all software list. Click Adobe Flash Player Plugin from this list.

4. You see Remove button right sight of your selected software. Click Remove button to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from your computer.

5. You see Uninstall Adobe Flash Player dialog box will open with UNINSTALL button. Click UNINSTALL button to uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

6. Wait hare few seconds, until you see DONE button. Click DONE button to completely remove adobe flash player from Windows XP.