How to Uninstall Adobe Reader Plugin from Windows XP

Adobe reader is the most useful plug-in from every internet users. But sometimes you need to uninstall adobe acrobat reader from your computer. In this lesson you can easily know how to uninstall adobe reader plugin from windows XP.

1. Open your windows XP control panel (Start > Control Panel).

2. You see few icons with text. Double click Add or Remove Programs icon. You see you’re all install software list.

3. Click Adobe Reader X from this list. After click Adobe Reader you see Change and Remove button on right sight of your selected software. Click Remove button to remove Adobe Reader from windows XP.

4. If you see a massage “Are you sure you want to remove Adobe Reader X from your computer?” with Yes and No button. Click Yes button to remove Adobe Reader X from windows XP.

5. If you see any massage click Ignore button to completely uninstall adobe reader from windows XP

6. Wait hare few seconds until uninstall adobe reader.