How to Uninstall Google Talk Plugin Windows 7

Google talk is a very useful and popular plugin. But sometimes create few problems or crash it, when you need to uninstall it. In this lesson you can easily know how to uninstall google talk plugin windows 7.

1. At first sing out your google talk and close google talk feature bar.

2. Click (Start > Control Panel) to open up your control panel.

3. You see few icons with text. Click Programs and Features icon.

4. You see your previous setup all software list. Click Google Talk (remove only) icon from this list.

You see Uninstall/Change button after select this software. Click Uninstall/Change button to remove Google Talk from your computer.

Uninstall Google Talk Plugin Windows 7

5. You see a new dialog box with Google Talk Uninstall title and Uninstall button. Click Uninstall button to uninstall this software.

6. After that wait hare few seconds. You see Uninstallation Complete massage with Close button. Click Close button to close this dialog box.

You see, your google talk has removed from your software list and your computer.