How to Uninstall or Remove Microsoft Office 2003 from Windows 7

Microsoft Office is the most popular software in the world. Sometimes need to uninstall old version software to install this software new version. In this lesson you can easily know how to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2003 from windows 7.

1. At first click (Start  > Control  Panel) from your task pan.

Start Bar

2. You see a new page with some icons and text.

3. Click Programs and Features text link to go to the next step.

4. You see another new page with your currently running software.

5. Select from your mouse pointer of any software as you want to delete. I select Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 software. Click Uninstall button for remove your selected software.

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

6. After you click Uninstall button you see a new dialog box with a Programs and Features title and a massage like Are you sure you want to uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003? Click Yes button if you want remove this software.

7. You see Windows Installer massage. After that you see another massage click Yes button again.

8. When uninstall your software then you see a massage like picture. After that your selected software will remove correctly.

9. You can see you’re your software list. Your recently uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 software not show this list.