How to Use Google Chrome on Windows XP

Google Chrome is one of the most important web browsers. Google Chrome is extremely powerful and easy to use web browser. In this lesson you can easily know how to use google chrome on windows xp.

Open a Website on Google Chrome

At first install google chrome. After install, you see Google Chrome icon on your windows xp desktop. Click mouse right button on google chrome icon and click open text to open google chrome.

Open Google Chrome

Brows a Website on Google Chrome

Google Chrome web browser will open. Type any website address into google chrome address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard.

Open a Website on Google Chrome

New Tab on Google Chrome

Click New Tab button to add a new tab into your google chrome web browser. You can open another website into this new tab.

Google Chrome New Tab

Bookmark on Google Chrome

You can easily bookmark or save any important page into google chrome. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome icon > Bookmarks > Bookmark this page button. After apply this command your website will be save into google chrome.

Google Chrome Bookmark