How to Use Google to Search a Information Effectively

How to use Google. Maximum people use Google to search an information form internet. Learn how search and find out an information on Google. This lesson helps you to find out any information effectively from Google. 

1. Open your web browser, type your address bar and click arrow icon or press Enter button from your keyboard.

Open google website

2. Google home page will open with a search box and Google Search button.

Click search blank box and type about what you want to search.

Search Information on Google

3. You can type just like picture below and click Search button to search this information.

how to use google

4. You see more result related your search.

  • Scroll down to find your searching information.
  • If you don’t see you’re searching information then click 2 button to go next page.
use of google

5. Using this way click 3, 4, 5 button to find out your searching information. If you find out your searching information then click up title to read this information details.

google find

A new page will open then you can know details about it.