Install Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular web browser at this moment in the world. Mozilla Firefox is free software and public use it easily. In this lesson you can easily know how to install mozilla firefox windows 7 PC.

1. Download Mozilla Firefox from internet.

2. Double click into your Mozilla Firefox download file.

3. Wait hare few minutes. If you see a massage click Yes button.

4. You see Mizilla Firefox Setup window, click Next button.

Install Mozilla Firefox

5. You see Setup Type massage with two options Standard and Custom. Select as you want.

6. Choose Install Location massage click Next button.

7. Click Next button again.

8. You see Set Up Shortcuts click Next button.

9. See Firefox Summary massage click Install button.

10. Wait few minutes until you see Finish button. Click Finish button to finish Mozilla Firefox install.

11. You see two options select Don’t impost anything and click Next button.

12. Wait hare few minutes and click Finish button again. After that use Mozilla Firefox web browser.