Make a Search Button in Photoshop

The website search button helps users to find out content quickly. Design a search button in Photoshop for your website.

1. Open your Photoshop software and create a new page. (Size: 3.5in – 1in)

2. Select rounded rectangle tool and create a rectangle. Click mouse rite button and click Rasterize Layer.

make a shape and restarize it

3. Click add a layer style button and click gradient overlay button. (blend mood : normal, Opacity: 30.

apply gradient overlay command

Click gradient editor and set color. ( left : 2c2c2c, middle: 706e6e and right: 2c2c2c) press ok button.

set the gradient color

4. Select your foreground color white and click custom shape button. Create a shape rasterize it.make a search shape

5. Select your type tool and type “Search”.

select type tool and type search

6. Create another shape with stroke and save it (File > Save for web & Devices) format.

create another shape and save it