Microworkers Tasks You Finished

Microworkers are most important website for every new freelancer. If you want to earn form online this site is very help for you. You can easily check your microworkers Tasks you finished. Sing in your microworkers account and check tasks you finished.

1. At first Log in into your microworkers account.

2. Click Tasks I finished button. It stays your home page third button.

Microworkers Tasks you finished

3. You see two text links, One “Basic tasks” and another “Hire Group” tasks. If you click “Basic” tasks then you see your basic task that you finished past and “Hire Group” tasks show when you finished HG Jobs.

4. After clicking “Basic” task you see your working result.

You will see your Status.

  • If you see green- white tick circle, this is your Satisfied & paid work. Then you Earned your working dollar.
  • If you see red-white cross box, this is your Not-Satisfied work.
  • If you see gray-white dash circle, this is your Pending Employer review work.
Microworkers Basic Tasks I Finished