Recover Yahoo Mail Lost or Forgotten Password

Recover yahoo password. If you forgot your Yahoo mail passwords then don’t worry you have option to recover yahoo mail password. In this lesson you can solve that how to recover yahoo mail lost or forgotten password using your mobile phone number. In this way you can change your password in yahoo.

1. Yahoo Sign in. Open Yahoo sing in page.

  • Click “I can’t access my account” text.
I Can Not Access My Yahoo Account

2. Problem Yahoo account password. You see new page with 3 radius button.

  • Click “I have a problem with my password” radius button and click Next button to reset your yahoo password.
I have Problem with My Password

3. Yahoo email address. Click and type your own yahoo email address into “My Yahoo ID is” blank box.

  • Click Next button to find out Yahoo account password.
Verify Yahoo ID

4. Yahoo Password Verify. You see “Send a text message to” radius button with your mobile number last 2 digits.

  • Click Next button.
Reset Your Password

5. Yahoo mobile number verification. You receive a code into your mobile phone massage inbox. Open your mobile massage inbox to get the code and type this code into “Example: ab123be4” box.

  • Click Next button.
Recover Yahoo Password

6. Yahoo new password. You see yahoo new password box. Type your new password into New Password box and click Next button.

Yahoo Password Recover

7. Yahoo password change successfully. You see “Congratulations! You have successfully reset your password. Never lose access to your account.” massage. Click Remind me letter button.

You will see your yahoo account mail inbox with your incoming mail.