Sending E-mail with Attachments on Gmail

Sending E-mail with attachments on Gmail. Google has a free email service. Sometimes we need to send an email with attachment. Learn how to send e-mail with attachment on Gmail.

1. Sign in your Gmail account.

2. Open your Gmail mail inbox. You will see your all incoming email.

3. Click COMPOSE button to compose a new email.


4. New Message dialog box will open with few boxes.

  • Go Recipients box and type which email addresses are you want to send this email.
  • Go Subject box and type your email subject.
  • Go behind of Subject box and type your email massage, which massage are you want to send. 
  • Click Attach Files icon to add a file into your email massage.

5. New dialog box will open. Choose a file and click Open button to attach this file with your email.


6. Wait few seconds until attach this file with your email page. After attach your selected file you will see your file name with file size up to Send button of your email page.

  • Click Send button to send this email with attachment.

7. After send this email then you will see “Your message has been send. View message” text with yellow bar click View message to check your email send successfully.