Uninstall Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7

Mozilla firefox is the most popular web browsing software at this moment. Sometimes you need to uninstall mozilla firefox windows on 7 PC. In this lesson you can easily know how to uninstall mozilla firefox from your computer.

1. At first click (Start  > Control  Panel) from your task pan.

2. You see a new page with some icons and text.

3. Click Programs and Features text link from your mouse pointer to open your installed software list.

4. You see another new page with your currently running software.

5. Select from your mouse pointer of any software as you want to delete. I select Mozilla Firefox. Click Uninstall button for uninstall your Mozilla Firefox software.

Mozilla Firefox Uninstall

6. You see Mozilla Firefox Uninstall massage with Next and Cancel button. Click Next button to uninstall this software.

Click Mozilla Firefox Next Button

7. You see another massage again with Uninstall button. Click Uninstall button.

Click Mozilla Firefox Uninstall Button

8. After that you see Finish button then click Finish button to completely Uninstall Mozilla Firefox software.