Online Photoshop | Use History Brush Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop’s History Brush tool is a great for back to your previous image or color. You can make new effects into an image. Learn how to use history brush tool and how to use online Photoshop tutorials.

1. Open your Photoshop Software and open a picture.

2. Open your Photoshop layers palate and double click the Background layer from your left mouse button. You see a new dialog box, its name New Layer and press ok button.

3. Go to your menu bar and select (Image > Mode > Grayscale). Now, you image will be Grayscale mode.

4. You see a Massage dialog box, press Discard button.

You see a massage dialog box

5. Again go to your menu bar and select (Image > Mode > RGB Color). It helps to your image RGB Color mode.

6. Select History Brush Tool bar from your tool palate for paint your picture. History Brush Tool helps back to your previous color.

7. Click where you want to back your previous color. Where you drug, it will be color and others will be black-white. Like paint the picture ornament and its leaf.

Use Zoom tool view to image large and paint the image successfully.

If anywhere paint where you want not to paint. Select Sponge tool and click where you want back to black-white color.

8. If you everything successfully done then you design will success fully complete.