Way to Download and Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer

Maximum internet users like to watch video. YouTube is most popular website to watch video. But sometimes you need to download and save your favorite video from YouTube. Learn how to download and save YouTube videos to your computer.

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser. Click Open menu icon then you see more button, click Add-ons button to open add-on page. This button you see up-right corner of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Firefox Add-Ons

2. Mozilla Firefox add-ons page will open. Click Search all add-ons box, type download youtube video and click search icon.

Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons Search

3. You will see few result related your search. Click Install button to install this add-ons into your web browser.

Install Youtube Video Downloader

4. You see installing bar then wait hare few seconds until install these add-ons. After install you will see Disable and Remove button. Now close this tab.

Download youtube video

5. Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser. Type your web address bar youtube.com and click arrow icon or press Enter button from your keyboard.

Open Youtube Website

6. You will see YouTube home page with few video. Click any video as you want to watch and download.

Watch Youtube Video

7. Your selected video will play. Scroll down then you will see Download button with an arrow icon, click this button to download this video.

  • You will see few video formats. Click any format which format you want to download. MP4 720p is better quality video.
, downloading a youtube video to your computer

8. A new dialog box will open. Click Save File radio button and Click OK button to download this video.

Save Youtube Video

9. YouTube video download will start. Click arrow button to watch download progress with remaining time.

After download this video you find this video into this icon.

Youtube Video Download Progress