Way to Use Google Search Homepage Using Your Own Country Language

Maximum people use Google to search their required information on Google. If you use Google using your own country language then it will be easy to use for you. Learn how to use Google search homepage using your own country language.

1. Open your any web browsing software and type your web address bar google.com and click arrow button or press Enter button from keyboard.

Open Google Search Website

2. You will see Google homepage with a search box and Google Search button.

  • Click Google search box and type google for your country name. I typed my country name “google for Bangladesh”.
  • You will see few result related your search. Click any keyword to search it. If you don’t see any results then type this keyword and click Google Search button.  
Google search language

3. You will see Google for your country format with your country language.

  • Click Google text to visit Google homepage.
google search homepage

4. Now you see Google with your country name. You also see your country language name behind of Google Search button.

  • Click up to your country language name to view Google homepage with your own country language.
how to switch google to my country language

Then you see Google homepage with your own country language.